Wednesday, 13 August 2014

EVD Prevention Circular

Dear Parent,                                                      Circular No. : 11                                            13/08/2014

Prevention is better than cure

As you are aware, EVD (Ebola Virus Disease) outbreak has been reported and WHO has asked all the countries to take necessary precautions.
EVD is a communicable disease which originates from affected monkeys and is passed through bodily fluid within humans.  It is necessary to follow the below given precautions to avoid infection:
1.       Ensure you and your family members always carry a sanitizer and use them as often as possible
2.       Refrain/avoid from eating or drinking outside
3.       Wear protective clothing when handling meat. Cook meat properly(In case of Non-Vegetarians)
4.       Take bath after returning for the day
5.       Fumigate if you have pests. Rodents can be carriers of Ebola
6.       Disinfect your surroundings. The virus cannot survive disinfectants, heat, direct sunlight, detergents and soaps.

For more information on the disease, you may refer to: For more details you can contact your family physician.


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