Grade - 3, 4 and 5 Updated on 5th February 2015

Grade IV, learning Decimals through Butterfly Field Kit

Grade III kids teaching about different organs of the body

Group Activity to learn, Luminous and Non Luminous Objects.

Organs of the body, A Butterfly Field Kids

Grade III kids learning Division using Butterfly Field Kids

Grade III kids learning fractions using Butterfly Field Kids

How do fisher men know where and when to fish? when will a storm hit? How and why does ocean change their behavior?

All these and more questions were answered by experts on a visit to Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS)

 Learning Computers First Hand

How do we measure rain? how do we forecast weather???
Pragathi Grade 3 and 4 had these questions, to answer these questions and learn more, we went on a field trip with kids to Mausam Complex.

How molecules carry energy and converts the same.  We learn the same in text and have watched videos on our Digi Boards as well, but nothing beats hands on experience.

A glimpse at daily sports activity

Learning Measurements

Story Telling - Communication Class for Grade 4

Life Skills - How to prepare fruit salad 

Teaching is actually a better way to learn!!!! Students busy teaching hindi.....

Best way to learn a language is to talk in it. Hindi Just A Minute (JAM) sessions to enhance language skills.

Mein Kaun Hun? What best way to learn a language than talk in it. Introduction in Hindi a part of show and tell.

Coloring Deepavali Lamps to celebrate a colourful festival:

Art and craft to improve imagination and enhance creativity

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