Primary Grade 1 & 2 - Updated on 5th february 2015

Learning multiplication through Scrap Book activity

II Mahi section did a marvelous job of Assembly show about the Science lesson "Plants as Food".....Best way to learn

After learning "Singing on the Way" lesson, it is only natural to sing about it.......

Dental Check up for Grade II kids

Learning about food and energy after the lesson, through Butterfly Field Kit activities

Learning Addition through Butterfly Field Activites

Grade II Kids Enjoying Pongal Celebrations at the school

Individual Activity learning Multiplication.

Grade II kids learning multiplication using Ice Cream Sticks.....So Coooool!!!!!!!

Grade 1 Avani Assembly

Grade I Assembly

Field Trip and Picnic
Grade 1 kids went to Botanical Garden after an excellent classroom lesson "PLANTS".  They visited to see different kinds of plants, how they grow and how they look in the wild.  While they were there, there was a lot of singing, dancing, prancing and fun.  They had lunch with their teachers just like any other day, except this time there was one more teacher present, Mother Nature.

Means of transport
Now that the lesson is over, yeeeee, it is project time.
Kids have to make their favorite means of transport and talk about it in the class.
But Wait!!!!
Collateral teaching is the best method. Soooo, here comes…… were asked to prepare models of means of transport using waste materials.
To prove that they are more creative than adults, see what they came back with!!!!

Sand Collage
"At the beach" - once this lesson was completed, children were involved in Sand Collage activity to understand the lesson better by doing it.

Pragathi Grade 1 kids today went to NTR park. They had lunch in green and played till the lunch digested. There was no stopping them from enjoying. Watch and enjoy!!!!

My India!!!!
Best ways to begin learning about our beautiful country is:
1) Learn to draw our beautiful flag
2) Learn our melodious national anthem
3) Learn our heart rendering Vande Matharam
This is just what our Grade 1 kids were busy doing today.

Mummy, make me a snack!!!!
Very familiar???? not with our kids. Nursery and Grade 1 kids learnt how to make fruit salad and now they can make them when they feel like. Healthy eating is all fine in text books and on banners, but how to make them is something our kids already know.  Watch Pragathi Kids prepare healthy and tasty fruit salad.

Motor Skills
Cutting papers in to desired shape is a lot difficult than it looks. This activity was designed to develop motor skills and creativity in students. Grade 1 students enjoyed and made their favorite shapes and colored them to a glorious result.

It is an emotion that separates successful from failures.  First graders showed their gratitude through a talk show titled "My Favorite Teacher".

Safety First - ALWAYS
What is more important than safety of our dear children? NOTHING.  Pragathi went on a safety blitz and grade oners were no less than the rest of the school. They made charts, created awareness through talk shows and spread safety message better than us. Watch, learn, enjoy and stay safe.

Green Ganesha Health Hamesha
It is never too early to teach kids about saving our environment or it is never a wrong occasion to do so. Pragathi went on a war footing to educate kids about using clay ganesh for this festival and taught children how to make clay ganesha. Every kid enjoyed using either clay or dough to make their own ganesha and decorate it with lavish gems(?) and pearls (?).

Learning Math the fun way
Did you know you can touch math????? ask Pragathi kids, they will tell you.  Grade 1 students were busy doing experiments with Butterfly Field kids to understand shapes and numbers.

Eating Healthy
At Pragathi, students are taught to eat healthy by doing.  Students were given specific menu to bring for lunch and were taught what health benefits did their lunch have. 

Learning by doing
Math - Tens and Ones

Friendship Day Celebration
It is a day that kids enjoyed most than any other day. There were giggling while trying bands to their friends and a day where a life long vow is made to remain friends with each other. Some of them were surprised when teachers tied friendship band and wished them like friends. A day they will always remember with a smile.

Community Helpers
After studying about community helpers, 1 Graders spoke about their favorite community helpers and why they like them.  This talk show helped children cast their stage fears aside and improved their public speaking ability.

Hand Printing

Bingo is his Name

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