International dimension @ Pragathi Updated on 11th November 2014

Pragathi School celebrated New Year’s Day through a Fancy Dress Event under the title “Let’s Connect the World’ where kids of 2nd grade came dressed in costumes of several countries around the world. The kids not only walked the ramp but also greeted their audience in the language of the respective country and spoke about the significance of the dress they wore, along with its tradition and culture. Sathwik in Bunad costume of Norway performed a Norse folk dance, Shruthi performed the flamenco dance of Spain, Lahari performed the Swedish folk dance for Majst√•ng festival that is celebrated during summer solstice in Sweden, while Chaitrika dressed up as an ancient Roman emperor. There were several types of costumes like bridal trousseau and ruche of France, scarlet bridal Qipao, tai-chi and han-fu costumes of China, chokha for men and tbilisoba for women from Georgia to name a few. All the visitors unanimously agreed that they had never seen any programme of this kind by such a young age group and that it was a learning experience which was vibrantly reminiscent of global citizenship.

International School Awards - British Council

The school partnerships and international education programme at the British Council goes back more than 60 years. In 1999 the Council started the International School Award accreditation scheme, and this is now a framework that supports international work in schools around the world. More than 3000 schools across the UK have gained the Full Award.
British Council Schools Online is a web community with a variety of online tools designed to help enable teachers to network with one another, seek and share advice, access professional development resources and updates and join or form partnerships with schools to work together on international projects.

Story Telling: This project was about animating famous tales.  Kids were involved in making comic strips and voice over the same for presentation. Kids were given frame work to work with and expected outcome.  Photos below show kids in action making their own animated series :
Animating on Digi Boards

Voice over in Acoustics Room

Europe was our second project 
Food is an integral part of a cultural so much so that it is, more often than not, a yard stick to civilization.
With this in mind, we shared our receipies with Beech Hill School, UK who in turn posted theirs. Below photos show Pragathi Kids preparing one such receipe whilst learning more about UK culture.  Eventually when they land there, no surprises

One more exciting project on story telling - Myth to mouseclick :

Math Comic Strip from Stories of Different Countries – Grade VI

Comic strips from Egypt, Japan, UK, USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia :

Tasty Cheese Cake prepared by Pragathi Students as a part of ISA project

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