Nursery and PP Updated on 16th March 2015

Balancing Beam Activity

Violet Day





Fennel Board Activity to Learn Spellings


Dancing and Enjoying

Fine Motor Skill Activity

NewYear Greetings

Sankranthi Celebration

Dental Check up

Balancing the Book

Field Trip
Nursery kids went on field trip to Heritage to learn where to buy vegetables from and what it looks like.

Green Color Day
World is a colorful place and what is the most invigorating color than the color of nature, Green?
Kids at Pragathi celebrated Green day by wearing green dress, learning about natural green, Boiled Green Gram was given to taste and a whole lot of coloring was done in Green.
Clean Green!!!!!

Teddy Bear Day
Pragathi celebrated International Teddy Bear day.  Kids came with their own Teddy to the class and introduced them around. It was like bringing a friend to meet class mates and teachers.

Community Helpers
Text book knowledge, class lessons, all this is fine, but hands on is unbeatable. All preprimary kids wore dresses of their professional choice.  Some had come as inspectors, lot as doctors and there were quite a few teachers.  There were vegetable vendors as well.  Given below is a snap shot of the cutest professionals you have ever seen.

For better Fine and Gross Motor skills

For posture and poise


Puppet Show to teach community helpers

Sports day!!!!! Games and Fun

Children are often told that what they inculcate as habits now, will help improve the quality of their life later. However, lack of wisdom often makes them ignore this advice. Many kids have cavities and other dental issues because of inadequate brushing. These problems often magnify when they grow older. Inspiring your child to brush his/her teeth regularly may not be easy, hence Pragathi Teachers conducted "Brushing Teeth" activity and showed how it is done.  Kids were thrilled to brush teeth with their friends, and since it is coming from teacher, carries s so much more reason to do it right.

So what happens if we don't brush regularly!!!!
Dental camp for children.


Learning Ascending and Descending order

Identify Vegetables, not from textbook only but hands on!!!!

Thread craft to improve concentration and Fine motor skills

Day outing to Shilparamam

Red Day
Learning all about red colour. What are fruits, vegetables and flowers which are red.  What two colours make red......

Craft to improve fine motor skills

Making my own mask.
Craft should be useful as well as attractive.  Preprimary kids learnt how to make their own mask and play games with them.  They first learnt animal faces, next they will make their favorite super hero's.

I did'nt know learning numbers could be fun

Land Transport

Eating fruits is healthy and cute.  Fruits are cute?? you ask, just watch our photos!!!!

If numbers were fruits, I would count them before eating them. Number tree to learn After number and Before Number.

Before holding a pencil to write, children will need the necessary muscle growth and fine motor skills.  In order to develop this, Pragathi involves nursery children in activities like lacing beads, tracing strokes etc.

Learning letters through art.

Collage Activities to learn letters

Wet pouring and dry pouring to increase focus and motor skills

Animal World.

What are animals? what do they eat? Where do they live? how do they spend their time? How do they talk?
Pre Primary kids had more questions which were answered in this activity about Animal World.

Brown Day, fun with Mr. Brown!!!!

 Celebrating Brown Colour Day

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