Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Pre Primary Academic Fair Updated on 26-Dec-13

Tiny Tots.......Know a lotsssss
All day they learn, all evening they repeat.  They have fun doing it and you had fun watching them.  It was a very melodious morning at Pragathi on 16th November 2013, for it was  Pre Primary Academic Fair, where the little ones from Nursery were showing off how many rhymes they know and how well they can sing them.

Then comes the Pre Primary 1 children who knew so much about fruits, where they come from, how they should be eaten and why.  To make things clear, they were even dressed like fruits and in between plants. That was done by one part of Pre Primary 1, the other part explained the difference between junk food and healthy food. Just so that we don't get confused, they even dressed like the containers we get the food in. It was tremendously cute and extremely educative.

Pre Primary 2, taught about different types of transport. They, with the help of their teachers, had prepared excellent props to display their lesson.  Kids even dressed up like professionals in respective transport systems, like air hostess, TT, pilot, etc.  It was a colorful day and kids were very excited to BE  the lesson that they were taught.

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