Monday, 2 December 2013

Primary Academic Fair

Reasons for Seasons
First grade children dressed as clouds, sun, trees and plants. It was green, yellow, barren and blue.  All seasons were dazzling in its own right. Never was summer so cool and winter so cuddly.  1st grade EVS lesson about seasons were enacted so well by children that it was not only cute but very educative.  Below are some snap shots of your child.


2nd Grade kids were very green with awareness........Theme for their academic fair was about Plants.  How they grow, what are the types of plants, uses of plants.  Kids taught that plants can be used as food and medicine as well. We can cook or eat them raw. To make their point clear they drew charts, decorated their class and spoke lines after lines to answer any questions posed to them.  Given below is the snap shot of the cute garden that was evidently a result of hard work.

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