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Pragathi Central School - Circular - How to make children learn from text books - Tips - Reg

How to make my child read text book?
Tips to Parents
Parents are informed that the teachers are explaining the lesson in small parts. Dates are mentioned in the textbooks to show how much is explained per day. The children must revise the same part explained each day (even if it is not mentioned in the diary) by following the instructions given below. In case of doubts, the child should get the same clarified the next day. Make the child get a general idea of what the reading is about.

Parents are informed that the teachers have introduced mind maps, flow charts and different other illustrations to make learning easy for children.

We at school find that children are gradually getting habituated to reading textbooks.

1.     The child should:
    • Read the introduction, headings and subheadings.
    • Read paragraphs that summarize the content.
    • Look at any illustrations/diagrams, graphs, maps, charts and read the captions.
Then the child should:
  1. Look up in a dictionary any words that are unfamiliar
  2. Once the reading is done, let the child pretend that he is teaching somebody about the material he has just read.
  3. Allow the child to explain out loud and in his/her own words what the reading was about
5.     To learn the boldfaced or italicized terms
6.     Try to frame as many questions as possible in each paragraph and locate the answers by highlighting.


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