Monday, 18 November 2013

Life Skills and Value Education @ Pragathi

Module - 1
  At Home

·         Wake up in the morning without troubling parents
·         Wish your parents
·         Drink a glass of water
·         Fold your own bed sheet
 ·     Get Ready to school
·      Drink a glass of milk / Have breakfast
·      Be on time to school

Back From School

·         Place for everything (shoes, books, put lunch box in sink)
·         Hygiene – Clean up self, use hand wash after using toilet
·         Snack time
·         Do the home work neatly and with concentration
·         Revise in each subject what was taught that very day
·         Play time/TV time (For extra Play time/TV time obey your parents)
·         Keep away toys safely after play, books after study
·         Eat on time and without making a fuss
·         After eating, leave your plate in the sink

At School

1)         Always wish your teachers in and out of school
2)         Treat everyone with respect
3)         Keep your school clean
4)         Always walk on to your left while on corridors and staircases
5)         Complete your class work on time and neatly
6)         Listen to the teacher
      7)      Raise your hand to ask, answer or speak
      8)      When in doubt, ask your teacher
      9)      When in school campus, speak only English
     10)  Greet everyone with a smile
     11)  Never beat, push, kick or fight with others

Responsibility Pledge

If I borrow something      →        I’ll bring it back
If I use something           
        I’ll put it away.
If I open it                          →        I’ll close it
If I turn it on                     
→        I’ll turn it off
If I make a mess               →        I’ll tidy it up
If I did it                             
→        I’ll own up to it (I’ll admit)
If I hurt someone               →        I’ll apologise
If I want a good friend     
→        I’ll be a good friend first
If I start it                             →        I’ll finish it
If I make a mistake           
→        I’ll learn from it
If I don’t understand         →        I’ll ask for help
If I want to improve           
→        I’ll ask, “Where to next?”
And if I want to be treated well à I’ll treat others well

Note to parent: The above ground rules have been elaborately discussed and explained to the child.  Please ensure the same is followed up at home by drawing a star( ) in the diary everyday starting  from today.  Parents must support and follow-up the ‘At home’ & ‘Back from school’ activities.

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