Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Body Safety Awareness Programme

Dear Parents, 

Thanks for the response to Body Safety Awareness Programme and thanks for all the appreciation. In continuation to the same, we conducted the Awareness Programme for your ward as well today. Flyer for the same has been given. 

Your child needs your time more than anything. Spending even 10 mins a day helps your child bond with you. Good bonding and rapport allows your child to share his/her everyday situations /experiences with you. 

Here is a list of ways to spend quality time with your child: 

Leisure walk with kids 
Watch a program of your child's choice 
Have atleast one meal as a family 
Share your daily experience 
Do a chore together 
Read a book with your child 
Cook a dish with your child 
Draw a painting together 
Play board games 
Talk about your likes and dislikes 

Please take them forward at home for effective results. 

You can always mail me at principal.pragathi@gmail.com. 

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